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Plant eco bottle

Plant eco bottle

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Name: Micro Landscape, Eternal Flower Glass Flower House

Size: 20 * 20 * 28

Process: manual cutting + seamless welding + oxidation washing change

Main material: copper, sodium lime glass


1. Since it is a hand-drawn soldering craft, some lines have slightly different thicknesses, and there are nodes at the connections. This is a normal phenomenon, not a quality problem. Customers with higher quality requirements please pay attention to the electroplating products launched by our company. Even taller. Hereby explain!
2. This glass house does not contain flowers and other, and the collocation is for reference only.
3. There will be some errors in the actual measurement due to manual measurement, please understand!

High-quality raw materials and high-quality craftsmanship give unusual gloss and transparency, and at the same time they are very durable. Pay attention to the following points when cleaning:
1. Some weak acid liquid such as white vinegar or lemon juice should be used to clean the product before the first use
2. A mild detergent can be used during the use, and it can be cleaned with warm water or cold water.

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