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Home Handle For Hanging Wooden Cutting Boards

Home Handle For Hanging Wooden Cutting Boards

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Material: Beech
Shape: Bamboo and wood lacquer Handle: 30.5*15*1.5cm, Bamboo and wood lacquer handle: 37.5*19.5*1.5cm
Style: modern minimalist

Bamboo and wood products should not be soaked in water for a long time, otherwise it will cause mildew, burr, cracking and deformation. Wipe dry in time after each use to extend service life
Bamboo wood is very wear-resistant, anti-mildew, smooth and soft surface, stable quality, no glue, and not easy to deform Bamboo wood color difference is small, natural color, rich bamboo grain
1. Do not drop or impact
2. Prohibit the use of microwave ovens
3. Prohibited. Don't put it next to high temperature and stove
4. It is forbidden to place it next to air conditioners and radiators, and direct sunlight is not allowed
5. Prohibit. Do not wash with bleach
6. It is forbidden to soak in water with detergent, just wipe it with a rag after receiving the goods
7. It is forbidden to use iron wire and hard objects to wipe
8. Avoid drastic changes caused by high temperature and temperature and humidity

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Wooden Cutting Boards*1

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