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Acrylic 3D Lamps

Acrylic 3D Lamps

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The Acrylic 3D Lamps are perfect for creating a romantic ambience in any home. These lamps offer a beautiful light display and will be sure to impress your Valentine's Day guests. Crafted from premium acrylic, these lamps feature intricate 3D designs that add an extra level of charm and sophistication to any living space. The LEDs ensure that the light emitted is warm and inviting, creating an enchanting atmosphere in any room. With the adjustable switch, you can control the brightness for added convenience. Whether you're looking for an eye-catching centerpiece for your children’s bedroom or a romantic mood on Valentine's Day, the Acrylic 3D Lamps are the perfect choice!




Specifications:Size:10cm * 18cmPower Supply: USBUSB: Warm WhitePacking: 1Pcs

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